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Spring is Already Here! Is Your Face Summer Ready?

Every woman has her own beauty routine that takes place at night after a long day or in the morning before it begins. Personally, I have a separate routine for both. This video shows a snippet of my morning "clear face" routing using one of my beauty essentials, the SunGlow Naturals Glow Serum.

I did cleanse my face with a mild soap bar before applying the serum. I followed the directions for use listed on the bottle and massaged the product into my skin.

This serum puts a smile on my face before I leave my house because you always feel good when you look good! Although it is oil based, it is not greasy and absorbs into your skin rather quickly. It smells divine and leaves your face feeling soft, smooth and fresh!

I have been using the Glow Serum consistently for 4 and a half weeks now and the dark spots that I had from previous breakouts are clearly gone! I'm ready for Spring and Summer, so bring on the sunshine! I'm glowing inside and out!

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