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Yes, Your Skin Has Feelings Too.

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Have you ever wondered why your skin glows when you are happy? Why does your face breakout when your feeling sad or bottling up anger? There is a totally rational explanation for this. Keep reading.

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Did you know that your skin is the largest organ in your body? It is easy to tell whether or not your body is healthy or in need of a healthy regime because it shows on your skin. When you are healthy and happy, your skin glows. When you are sad, depressed and/or stressed, your skin is less flattering. When there are serious health issues, you may even develop serious skin problems that show up as rashes, rough patches, discoloration or change in pigmentation and more.

Yes, your skin has feelings too. For instance, when you feel afraid sometimes you have goosebumps. When you are feeling awkward or embarrassed your cheeks may turn red. When you have writer's block or any blockage to your creative side, pimples may pop up on your forehead. Studies show that nervousness may lead to cold sores and you may be longing for affection if you have skin issues on your arms.

These are subtle changes to skin in reaction to your feelings, but why do we have breakouts or skin issues when stressed? The short answer is that changes to your physical and/or mental environment trigger various bodily systems. For example, when you are feeling sad, your immune system and nervous system is activated. When you are feeling anxious, your endocrine system is activated. These systems within your body directly affect your mood. Therefore, your mood (frame of mind or temporary feelings) shows up on your skin.

Now that you are aware of the fact that your skin and emotions are directly linked, you can decide each day that you want to be in a good mood. Why? Because it helps your skin glow. However, if you find that you have severe changes to your skin condition, please consult a licensed doctor or dermatologist. In the mean time, Glow Girl!

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